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Vilas Academy


Fresco has enabled Vilas Academy to integrate and manage information like player reservation data and customers coming from the internet and other numerous channels.

Prior to Fresco, inquiry mails from players were handled through mailers designed for individual usage, which did not allow for good data integration. As the site traffic increased, there was an urgent need to implement a new and better customer management system.

Information coming through the internet like players and club customers inquiries and reservations are now managed in an integrated platform. This enables Vilas Academy staff to quickly respond to guests as well as to reference contact history on the fly. Fresco provides an excellent report capability which enables us now to cut and slice academy and club restaurant data with ease for various analyses.

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About Vilas Academy
Was founded with the same philosophy that brought Guillermo Vilas to the top, revolutionizing the world of tennis, introducing a new style based on the principles of hard work , dedication and winning mentality leading to a path that includes 62 ATP titles, 4 Grand Slams and 1 Master.

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Vilas Academy staff experts work with each player
Specific techniques to improve every shot of the game Physical training sessions on court, designed for every age and level Search for the pattern of play for each player Specific movements and foot work on clay court Development of winning mentality

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Use of film video during training sessions and analysis with coaches on video analysis room help to make quick progress with player´s technique

The Academy has 24 hours supervisor to guaranty the security of our centre and players.

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